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With more than 24 years as a Feng Shui professional, E.J. Shaffert, the director of the London School of Feng Shui, is a highly experienced international consultant, psychotherapist, educator, and author.

His expertise has made him a sought-after presence in the world of television, radio, and live events.

His unique approach to Feng Shui, which blends spirituality and psychotherapy, has made a profound impact on the lives of literally thousands of people.

Then, for over 16 years, E.J. has trained aspiring Feng Shui consultants, initially in New York City and now as the director at the London School of Feng Shui.

E.J. is currently accepting a limited roster of private consulting clients, for both residential and business projects.

This is an opportunity to benefit from the wisdom and wealth of experience of a renowned Feng Shui Consultant.

 “E.J. is an astute practitioner who understands people. He
works with incredible sensitivity and insightful knowing, both of which
he shares with generosity of spirit. His work is life changing, and that is a rare gem.”
— Fiona Moser, Business Owner, London

E.J. is the popular author of:


A Nine Week Program for Creating
Prosperity with
Feng Shui Principles

His book is now in its second edition and
has been published in five languages.

The book details his extraordinary
approach to Feng Shui, which blends
practical solutions with mystical
traditions, to create powerful shifts in
people’s lives.

Consulting clients have the opportunity
to work directly with the author, to
transform their own homes and

“Feng Shui and Money’ gives you the tools to attain your heart’s desire.”

—Randi Lynn Ditman, Reiki Master, NYC


Feng Shui is more than just interior decorating; it’s a transformative art that works with the flow of energy to impact deeply on your life.

By scheduling a Feng Shui consultation with our school director EJ Shaffert, you’ll gain valuable insights into your living or working environment.

A personalized consultation can help you:

  • Enhance your overall well-being and quality of life.
  • Increase your success and prosperity.
  • Strengthen your relationships.
  • Improve your health and energy levels.
  • Create a balanced and harmonious space.
  • Achieve personal and professional goals.

“The holistic approach has addressed abundance in all areas
of my life and helped me heal my financial wounds. E.J.’s way of explaining these
essential issues is both simple and profound.” — Lisa Lerner, Teacher, NYC


EJ Shaffert has worked on-site with Feng Shui clients in many regions of the USA, UK and Europe.

In addition, he has also worked globally with clients in most parts of the world, including Asia and Australia!

Booking an online consultation is easy and very convenient!

The sessions are conducted on Zoom, working with your floorplan and photos of your space, and you will have a recording of the entire session to review.

For larger projects, please contact E.J. directly about bringing him to your home or office, for a customised consultation. Travel time and costs will be considered and this is can be a wonderful opportunity to benefit on person from his expertise in-person.

“E.J. Shaffert is the feng shui consultant I chose for my international coaching
business. He is exceptionally gifted and intuitive, and his insightful recommendations
quickly doubled our revenue.”

—Talane Miedaner, author of Coach Yourself to Success


Feng Shui Master Teacher E.J. Shaffert offers comprehensive, in-depth
Feng Shui consultations tailored to your specific needs.

During your consultation, you will receive:

Initial Assessment:

EJ will assess your space, whether it’s your home or
business, to identify energetic blocks and areas
of improvement.

Personalized Recommendations:

You’ll receive personalized Feng Shui
recommendations to enhance the energy flow in
your space and your life.

Practical Solutions:

EJ provides practical, actionable advice that you can
implement immediately to start seeing positive

“By applying these principles to my work as an artist, suddenly I am being paid
outrageously well for what I love to do!”
— Isabel Thompson, Artist, NYC


In 1 hour, E.J. will review your floorplan and photos of your space, and give customised Feng Shui recommendations to create desired shifts in your life experience and energy of your home.

In a 2-hour consultation, EJ will also prepare your Chinese Astrology analysis, so he can personalise the Feng Shui recommendations to seemlessly match your inner energy. Chart analysis for other members of the family may also be added to this consultation, for an additional fee.

For your business needs, from “solopreneurs” to corporate level, you can benefit from Feng Shui analysis and applications to transform your business potential.Please contact for a quote.

And if you would like E. J. Shaffert to travel to your property, for an in-person consultation, please contact the office directy to coordinate costs and details.

1-hour session

Your session
will include:

  • Review of your floorplan & photos
  • Outline of the life areas you want to improve
  • Analysis of energetic blocks in the space
  • Identification of FengShui
  • Specific Feng Shui recommendations with prioritisation
  • Video recording of the session
  • Pdf of slides with recommendations

Book your session
now with a
deposit of $125.

2-hour session

This advanced
will include:

  • +Chinese Astrology Analysis for 1 person (additional charts for 125$ per person)
  • Review of how your chart is impacting your life
  • +Customised Feng Shui recommendations based on your Astrology Chart
  • Review of your floorplan & photos
  • Outline of the life areas you want to improve
  • Analysis of energetic blocks in the space
  • Identification of Feng Shui
  • Specific Feng Shui recommendations with prioritisation
  • Video recording of the session
  • Pdf of slides with recommendations

Book your session
now with a
deposit of $200.

Business, On-Site Or
Custom Consultation

If you would like book a consultatio for your business location


If you want to arrange for E. J. Shaffert to travel to your location for an in-person consultation


If you have questions about customising your consultation (larger project, new build, renovation, etc.)

Please use the contact button below to inquire directly with our office

Book your session
now with a
deposit of $125.

Book your session
now with a
deposit of $200.

“Step by step, E.J. walks you through
ancient methods for success”

—Thomas M. Kostigen, author of
What Money Really Means